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2014 Cadillac SRX Crossover vs. 2014 Buick Enclave Cadillac

The word alone conveys luxury, sophistication, and high-end customer satisfaction. The car’s name has become a byword for unassailable quality – it’s common to hear items referred to as “the Cadillac of…” their class, and there’s a reason for that. Since the mid-1920s, the marque has been North America’s premiere luxury automobile. It was Cadillac, for instance, that developed the V8 engine which has been the industry’s mainstay for almost a century.

The SRX is a mid-size, luxury crossover SUV that seats five adults in comfort. The 2014 Cadillac SRX Crossover is the best-selling Cadillac on the market.


The SRX was designed to appear as though it was sculpted from a solid block of steel. Functional roof-racks expand storage, adaptive headlamps move toward the direction of travel, LED accent lights are incorporated into fender-side air vents, and the power lift-gate can be programmed to remember the height of your garage ceiling.

Cabin Appointments

The luxurious appointments which fingerprint the Cadillac brand hardly need to be labored. New for 2014, however, is Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, is described as “The driver interface… two generations ahead.”

An innovative vibrant eight-inch touch screen senses the approach of your hand, intuitively displaying information that’s relevant to your immediate driving needs. Maps zoom with a swipe of your fingers. The screen also acknowledges a received command, minimizing the time your total attention is diverted from the road. Natural Voice Recognition allows drivers to make and receive phone calls, play music use the GPS without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. Among other functions, CUE controls:

• In-car audio (including tracks such as MP3s stored on a connected phone) and Pandora

• 3D GPS navigation equipment

• Up to ten hands-free cell phones with Bluetooth connectivity

• All the SRX’s advanced climate control features

• Access to real-time weather information

• Your OnStar subscription

Drive Train

The 2014 Cadillac SRX Crossover is available with a choice of two V6 engines, a 3.0-liter and a flex-fuel (E85) 3.6-liter. Both are served by a six-speed automatic transmission. Cadillac sought to offer buyers a seamless combination of refinement, elegance and exhilaration, and succeeded.

Buick is another General Motors brand, also sold by us here at Fred Bean’s Cadillac Buick GMC. The marque’s 2014 Enclave is a somewhat larger luxury crossover SUV, and Fred Bean’s is the place for all of Philadelphia’s refined auto buyers to compare the two.